Monday, February 18, 2008

st.murphy's saddle shoulder aran cardi

omg this is probably the most annoying piece of knitting i have ever knitted. everything that could go wrong went wrong hence i call it st. murphy's saddle shoulder aran.
total knitting time: 2 months
yarn: 7 skeins of beaverslide worsted lichen
needles: 3½ and 4½ mm.

i started out optimistically but i made so many mistakes along the way. i didn' t mirror the sheepfold. the neck was reknitted 3 times, i made the steek in the same weight of yarn which caused ruffles and it is a bit on the wee side for my nephew. argh.
hence i have started a new one for me which i hope will go swimmingly now that i have made all the mistakes possible. the worst thing is that it is a bit short and due to the steeks there is no way i can make it a bit longer. i just hope it will grow a bit like all my woolen hats do with time.
the pattern is genius though. there are lots of features that are both beautiful and clever and i am happy i made it and happy to have finished it finally. and btw i love the buttons.

Monday, February 4, 2008

back in the chain gang

i am back. and being back pretty much means working. i started the new job which is coaching a group of middle eastern women and men out on the job market (again) on friday and i am sure i am going to love it. it is allowed to do all kind of things even teaching them to knit. and i am already loving it. there is a turkish woman who i have decided is going to provide me with a few chart. right now they all feel poorly and think of themselves as sick. i guess we will have to change the discourse.

and the aran is very close to be an fo. i really didn't understand the pattern at first but i am learning by doing. this is the magic about meg and elizabeth's patterns.

i joined a valentine swap at ravelry i will post pictures later. i got some really lovely malabrigo. i have heard so much of this yarn and it is lovely finally being able to fondle it. that is what it is all about.

expect knitting here in the near future.