Sunday, January 28, 2007

bsj and modular boots

here is a quick little knit. i am in love with the colour combo.
this is such a fun knit. hence i did 6 of them so far. and two pairs of the booties.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

arctic lace from IK winter issue

here is my version of the arctic diamond stole. unfortunately not knitted in qiviut but the lovely jaggerspun zephyr in cinnabar. i made 9 repeats and after blocking it turned out very big but light as a feather anyway. jaggerspun is such a nice yarn. super quality and lovely colours. it is not possible to buy it here in copenhagen but i bought it form in brooklyn. she has an excellent mail service and sent shade cards as well. one colour is lovelier than the other. now i am knitting the ez seamless hybrid for my niece's hubby. such a nice knit.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

st. elizabeth zimmermann

i learned to knit by someone whose initials were ez, and who grew up in england, and taught me to knit, continental style. and now years and years later i knit the lovely elizabeth zimmermann things. that is fun. i love her for her patterns and her pen. her books are timeless and ver entertaining.

i have knitted the tomten jacket for a little girl with matching boots in colours that are very zimmermann i believe. the same little girl is 5 months old and has 5 baby surprise jackets and a ganomy hat. i think she will grow up to be very stylish and timeless fashionwise.

first go

i have decided to start blogging about knitting adventures, since i find other knitters blogs so entertaining. i live in copenhagen but will blog in english because i want to practice my english on a daily basis as well as displaying my knittings and sharing them with other knitters, hopefully worldwide.
welcome to share my world of knitting.