Wednesday, January 21, 2009

and the winner is.....

and the winner is ...... mary lou. mary lou send me your adress and i will send you some greenish yarn in return. i suppose greens and browns are my favourite colours too...

i am happy to sending yarn to minnesota after i saw a bbc series today with pics from minnesota in the winter. i suppose one needs one's woolies.

and speaking about colour. i thought michelle obama's colour choice yesterday was quite daring. ochre with lime gloves. she looked quite pretty although i think the dress was a bit much with the bow. i don't think she is a bow woman. and i loved the colours.
it was very touching to be in the thick of festivities via satelite. i wonder how he can carry the burden on his not so broad shoulders. but i am amazed how captivating he is when he speaks.

there will be knitting soon again. i do knit. but i don't have it in me to download pictures.

congratulations mary lou.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


it is my 2nd blogoversary today. i am very happy having hosted this space for two years now. and for several reasons. it motivates me to knit. i love to knit, but i also love to knit and exchange ideas with others. and your nice comments inspire me to knit more, i am sure. i have met many nice people in cyberspace. i am continually intrigued by all the friendliness a mutual interest generates. look at the top picture. it is the loveliest little japanese tea box fra kent , a very skilled knitter, living in kent, washington. he had the courtesy to send me this tea plus a large chocolate santa for christmas. i gulped the chocolate. but i am a little tight with using the tea. and when i have finished it, i think i will keep my sewing thread and needles in the box remembering a wonderful knitter friend on the other side of the globe.
the hat (lousy quality) is fern glade by megan marshall from knitty in the left overs from st. brigid. a nice toasty hat and a fun knit. i use it all the time along with my three poroms. i love wearing a hat in the winter. there is a certain cosyness about it.
oh well, i think i should host a little competition. the rules are easy. leave a comment stating your favourite colour and i will send you some yarn of danish origin in that colour, if you win. enough for a nice little project like a cowl or mittens or something. i think colours are half the knitting. for many years i loved blue and i thought i'd never fall out of love. but the last many years i have been falling for greens, browns and even ochre. i also have a dream of knitting a primary yellow slouchy hat at some point.
oh and for those of you who have been following my blog. i cannot begin to say how much i love teaching adults again. one of my classes are illiterate people and i get happy seeing their joy of learning the alphabet and writing the wobbly letters. it is so worthwhile.
i will leave this little competition open until the 20th. good luck.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

a warm jacket

a while ago i went with my niece to my lys to buy yarn for another ponchito. she looked in the drops pattern magazine and fell in love with this drops jacket which i incidentally already had thought of knitting for her to make use of my rowan yorkshire tweed in the colourway wild plum which i bought from jannettes rare yarns a few years ago. the colour is a deep wine red with emerald, fuchsia and rust flecks. the colour is a bit difficult but my niece's colours are so good that it suits her. this is what happens when you buy yarn online. you end up with a whole different colour than you had expected. the pattern is a bit difficult to follow. if i didn't have a lot of experience i wouldn't know what to make of it, and i think the translation into english is computer generated. it says, for example, sew the collar tight..... and i thought why, until i realised this is the expression we use in nordic languages to sew something tight.
it wasn't exactly a joy to knit, but mostly because the colour is a bit difficult when you have to work in electric light all the time. there is very little contrast.
i am pleased with the result as i think it fits her perfectly. much better than i expected and i think it will be a winner in her wardrobe. i love the a line and i wouldn't hesitate to knit one for myself after i have finished what i have planned to knit the coming months. i plan to knit fern by alice starmore in the colourway tormentil. the kit was a present for myself and a shetland shawl for the new baby in the family who i think will be a girl, and then there will be no end to the knitting.
this week i started my new job. it is great. i love being a teacher again, and i am in awe of my student's ability to tackle their situation as asylum seekers. it is a very uncertain future they face.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy 2009

i just want to say happy new year to all my lovely readers. i am happy for each and every one. and i am always happy for comments as it makes the whole blogging thing seem so real. it has been an eventful year, the one that just passed, and i tell it good riddance. it was not a bright one, but i move on with hope and confidence. i am sure this one cannot be worse. as a matter of fact i expect it to be lovely. waking up on the 1st. was lovely, i was hung over, to say the least, but i felt refreshed at the same time. i spent new year's with people i love and the first day in the new year with people i love. and i spent the last day in the year with some one i care a lot for. and it felt like good omens for the year to come. i am an optimist.

and it has not been bad all the time of course. nothing ever is. there was good knitting, good music, caring friends. and i never ran out of yarn. i grew to know myself in a way i hadn't expected. which will be good from now on and forever. there were lovely and generous blogging friends. there were irl meetings with blogging friends. there were snow storms, thunderstorms, the mediterranean and the north sea. there was little friends to knit for and big friends to knit for. there were introverts and extroverts.

i suppose there was life.