Monday, July 7, 2008

congrats becky c.

i was becky of knitasha von stashenskeins who won the kauni yarn. i can't find your email, so please send me an email so i can send the prize to you. isn't it just a great name for a blog?? i didn't know what to call mine and then it became knititch, which would be a perfectly valid word in danish but that may sound very odd in english.

my camera is really strange for the time being and i am very much in need of a new smashing one, so i simply didn't have it in me to go through all the hazzle of documenting the raffle.
sorry folks. but it was a drawing and becky's name was up.

i have been having a lot of festivities this weekend. and no knitting. went to see leonard cohen of whom i have been a devoted fan since i was 16. omg it was so great. he, who is 73 years old, played 24 songs in hours. quite impressive and beautiful.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my 100th post

this post is my 100th post since i began blogging in january 2006. i had expected to have a beautiful blog with lovely pictures and ever since i have been quite disappointed with the quality of the pictures and sometimes with the contents of the text as well. but anyway i keep blogging because it is a fun way to get in touch with knitters from all over the world. i do appreciate that immensely and i appreciate both my loyal readers and those who leave a comment less frequently and also those i know read my blog but never leave a comment. thanks a lot.

and there has to be a little celebration and a little contest on this occasion. so i have to pop some kind of question. what would i like to know about my readers??? do you always rip back if you notice a minor mistake?? who is your favourite knitting designer?? or do you dream about becoming one yourself??? or how big is your yarn budget a year??? i just think any comment goes and you will be in my drawing of a little prize.

i decided it should be something that is not easy to get everywhere in the world, so i decided on a big skein (150 grs or about 600 meters) of Kauni in blues, greens, lavenders, and maybe even more colours. there was a felted bag knitted in this colourway at my lys and i rather liked it. and i rather liked to support my lys a bit, since i order so much yarn from all kinds of places around the world. i suppose if you don't support those irl knitting stores they will eventually close and there will not be any opportunity to go fondle wool.

oh and st. brigid is proceeding well. everyday i take my knitting to the beautiful kongens have (king's garden) in the center of copenhagen and sit on a bench watching the beautiful plethora of flowers and the renaissance castle and knit like crazy. i am on a knitting binge.

the contest will be open through sunday and i will pick a random winner.