Sunday, March 25, 2007

seamless no. 2

i have finished another seamless hybrid. in this case coffee brown with lime inner hems. it is made of yorkshire tweed dk and the knitting time was less than a week maybe due to my new addi turbos. it is the new owner who is posing in it and it suits him very well. i think the shirt yoke is so lovely. wow that elizabeth zimmermann came up with very many lovely ideas.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

a new sweater soon to be exposed

for the last week i have been knitting another seamless hybrid. and it may not be the last. it is a classic sweater for a man. and i have way more male friends than female so maybe there are a few more to treat. the one i have been knitting and the damn thing took exactly 6 days is for my nephew. it is a substitute for the 'beau' sweater i knitted for him about 2 years ago and which has been much used. on the photos we are in ireland where we went to listen to some music the year before last. we saw al green, nick cave, van morrison, amos lee and the old beatnik ritchie havens. the whole thing took place because we both are devoted fans of nick cave and will stretch very far to get to see the man. i would even tempt him to come here by knitting him a sweater. alas i don't believe he is much of a sweater man.

more pictures tomorrow or the day after.

Friday, March 9, 2007


it is fairly new to me with a knitting blog and does one post when one has nothing to show??? i think i have to. i like to have a knitting blog and i love the comments from knitters in all kinds of places of the world. i love the inspiration and the possibility to see 'normal people' wear their knittings so i can see if a particular pattern actually works. i liked to see the bsj that franklin did for the dulaan, the bsj that sean did in noro silk garden that was the direct inspiration for the so-called jimi hendrix jacket for alba, and i don't think i would ever have knit a seamless hybrid without the inspiration from jared at brooklyn tweed. it is certainly inspiring to be a knitter with internet access or is the correct words interknit access as this is what it is???? so thank you guys.
i love the online yarn shops where i can get things that is not possible to get here in denmark. and i do treat myself. long ago i decided that it is my right when i don't have husband and children to treat myself.. and right now i am waiting for knitting around and the opinionated knitter to arrive. i adore elizabeth's writings that makes you feel like you actually know her. and few patterns have been so inspiring to do.
i have to dash. going to a job interview.

Friday, March 2, 2007

a perfect friday

a perfect friday for me right now is leaving work early. i am so seriously tired of my job right now. i am doing what i can to change the situation but because i am tired i need my precious spare time to be amusing, lovely and nice. so i did what i have done many fridays now. walked with my niece and her lovely baby girl round copenhagen. had a yummy lunch and was infatuated by little alba's smile once again. we just walked and talked and enjoyed the little wonder in the pram. i cannot wait for her to grow up and talk and wear ez fair isle yoke sweaters:-)) i shall do my best.
then i did a little knitting on the baptism jacket. the filatura di crosa: zara yarn is lovely. pure wool with a lovely stitch definition. it will be one cute little jacket. and when this is finished i shall proceed to the seamless hybrid in coffee brown and lime for my nephew who is a grown up man who i go out to rock gigs with and drink with and travel with. he is a gem.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

needles and pins

oh yes needles and pins. during this winter i have purchased a lot of beautiful susanne knitting needles. and i have had so much agony. the break and they just don't work. the knitting isn't smooth. they stink. i am sorry to say. and i could probably go to my different lys's and return them. but who can keep track on where the exact needle was purchased?????
so tonight i ended up without knitting and soon it will be beddy, beddy byes.
but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the needles i ordered over the internet (addi turbos) will arrive and all shall be well. has anyone else had trouble with the lovely ivory needles????