Monday, March 16, 2009

delightful, delicious, de lovely

here is my wee little niece, just a few days old. born on one of the first days of march, and i don't think she has a name yet. but that really doesn't matter, because she i enormously cute and i cannot wait to get to know her and knit for her.
sorry for the long hiatus. actually i have knitted three sweaters since january but i haven't photo documented any of them yet.
one is the shaded aspen leaf yoke sweater in lopi lite by meg swansen.
the other two are helga isagers pine.
one for me and one for my niece. my older niece. the mother of my two little great nephews.
there will be much more about this a little later.
and i am planning to knit amanda by lisa lloyd in some shetland wool.
the reason for my hiatus is that i have been so busy at the school. it is a lovely job i have got there. i love teaching and how motivated my students are, although their lives are quite miserable in many ways. being an asylum seeker at the tender age of 17 isn't any fun. especially when you miss your mother your country like hell. and on top of that you have a history of human smuggling and a crazy travel from say iraq to europe to keep quiet with. when i look at my students i cannot stop thinking that those parents must have sent their brightest children with the best genes for survival out on that journey in a fragile hope that they will face a bright future here. i sometimes doubt this will happen. but i cherish their energy and trust when we are together in the classroom and feel so sorry for their parents who probably doesn't even know where their children are....
but i am so impressed with the humanistic way the people who work in my new school are. not in theory which is pretty easy but in practice. and i dare say this now as i have passed the invisible border of being there longer than the last two places i worked in. that was a great day. i so much feel that hard times are over, over for a while as john lennon used to sing, and that i am finally doing something i love and that i am good at. more than knitting.