Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tomten again

i have been a little lazy lately. i am waiting for my grey yarn to make my seamless hybrid longer. the recepient felt it was a bit on the short side. i personally think it looked perfect on him but hate sweaters that are too short myself too. soooo. the yarn hasn't arrived yet. instead i have started to knit a tomten for my great niece, alba's christening. it is white and will have fluffy white angora edgings. she will look so cute. not because of tomten but because she is the cutest sight ever. the bowl on the picture is made by her dad for my 46th birthday on sunday. he has made it out of wood he has collected in my favourite park in copenhagen where i walk almost every day. it is made to keep my knitting in.

the next project will be another seamless for my nephew in coffee brown with lime hems. hopefully it will turn out long enough.

Monday, February 19, 2007

more hats

i love brioche stitch. and i love hats. at least knitting them. i think i have made the past few months. i still need to deal with the snail hat from kwot which i think looks like a fun knit. i am not quite sure what to knit right now. maybe some lace for a present to somebody not defined.

gave my colleague her hat today. i think it was just in time since we after a long time of spring like weather have a snow storm on it's way....

hats are made of noro yoroi and noro iro. what a lovely quality.

Friday, February 16, 2007

another helping of llama anyone????

i bought this amimono scarf on sale recently. it is handknit and designed by helga isager, daughter of marianne, who is the author behind the knitting book 'out of africa' among other. marianne is also the student of aase lund jensen who had a great impact on hand-knitting in denmark last time it was a fad i.e. in the seventies and eighties.

i have decided to let myself inspire and make a similar scarf but from the colours in the 'royal copenhagen' bowl 'ursula'.

experimenting with colours is wonderful and the alpaca is now so cheap that it is easy to treat oneself with a plenitude of colours from your lys. the only fear is that the moths that consumed my cashmere sweater this fall will return. argh.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

watch the watchcap.

i have been productive knitting a watch cap from kwot in noro yoroi. it took about one skein and i think it is a very lovely hat. this is for my colleague but i will have to do one of these classics for myself too. very becoming in shape for most shapes of faces.

sometimes it is a stressful life to knit. i have at least four projects in my head. and where should my priorities be??

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


i finally made it. not that it has taken long but the grafting took as long as it usually takes me to seam a whole sweater. but never mind it turned out well. the sweater looks well and will look even better with a man in it. and this is not a boyfriend sweater but a sweater for by niece's hubby. made a rowan sweater for him a couple of years ago and now it is time to get a substitute.
it is entirely made of yorkshire tweed dk. i got a good bargain on ebay. it took around 12 balls in all. was a little worried if there would be enough.....
this sweater is a very nice design and very manly.
now i have to explore new patterns and new techniques....


oh if only i could find out how to graft. i am tactile, i suppose, or verbal, and pictures doesn't make much sense to me when it comes to knitting. hence i have my lovely seamless hybrid lying on the table with only three little seams to do. hopefully it will make sense tomorrow. i am alone in knitting world. nobody i know knit..... or know how to graft.
but i have plans. i got the tweedy cardigan pattern and have the wool in my stash. i want to do something for my great niece's christening as well. i promised to knit a watch cap for my colleague. so i hope to be enlightened tomorrow about grafting.
oh and by the way my sweet and sour bsj was a great success with the parents of the little girl.

Monday, February 5, 2007

knitting in progress

there are no photos to post but i am doing progress on the seamless hybrid. it is mindless knitting and in a way i like it but all in all i think i am in for the more sophisticated lace knitting. but there is a limit to the number of lace stoles a girl needs. hopefully i will be able to post the seamless next week when i am having one week's holiday. that is lovely. i will knit, take up yoga classes again, hopefully. not shop too much. and enjoy life.
i am bidding on interweave knits right now. i desperately want norah gaughan's tweedy cardigan pattern that i want to knit in some plum coloured yorkshire tweed. yes hopefully that will be my next project. i can return to lace knitting this summer and knit an awful lot of scarves, stoles and so on for christmas. in africa they are supposed to say that the richness of a woman can be measured by the amount of kangas she owns. maybe that goes for stoles and scarves as well.