Friday, September 26, 2008

argh or øv as we say in danish.

i have a new love. and when love isn't over or hasn't started it is normal to be eagerly anticipating for one's love to come along. my new love is porom in jamieson's dk by the one and only jared ( i do not have to link). alas there wasn't enough yarn as i had read it as to skeins were needed but they are twice as big in the us as in europe. so now i hope mr. gary jamieson of shetland islands will be quick to send me the missing skein plus a few other.

jared says that a light dk is needed for this project and i agree. this is the right yarn that both shows off the lace and gives the right drape. and it is very different from any other old yarn. and i know yarn.

it always takes a long time to ship from the hebrides or the shetland islands. i wonder how it is done. by boat, by a weekly ship, by helicopter.

one day i will go there and find out for myself. wearing the porom and saint brigid.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


i knit a lot in public and right now i enjoy early autumn by sitting in 'my' park knitting in the afternoons. it is fun how people react. men will always say: how diligent you are. do men like diligence in women???

and today a spanish lady came and exclaimed: san mirar. relaxacion.

but the best comment this week was when somebody stopped me in the street and asked where i bought st. brigid. not because i particularly wants my knitting not to be home made but it is nice to get a compliment from a stranger in the street.

i have finished secret garden. another starmore knit. i cannot begin to say how clear and lovely her patterns are. and i learn a lot i can use for my own designs when i am back at creating my own things. it is a little thing but with a lot of techniques to be learned. and i am a sucker for technique right now.

the yarn is a kit from virtual yarns in red rattle. yes i also learn about scottish flora and fauna by shopping with alice. the button was given to me from my mother 30 years ago. and the lovely little tag is made by peggy of noodleknit fame. there was no way to make alba model it today. and never mind that. she is cute anyway.

i have embarked on knitting a few arans for my grandnephews. and then i have a sweater for my brother on the needles. there is a lot of twisted purl stitches so i shouldn't knit too diligently on that one.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

st brigid no. 2

here is my latest st. brigid. it wasn't less fun to knit the second. i love the pattern and learn a lot about cables when i knit it. my st. brigid's has a lot less ease than the original pattern due to my gauge that is obviously different than alice's. and i am happy about the more snug fit that in my opinion makes it much more wearable. especially for skirt girls like me and my sister. she is alba's grandmother.

i used to think it was not so hip to knit other people's patterns but i have changed opinion. there is a lot to learn when using a skilled knitter's patterns. as for example alice's or jared's . and from that learning experience it is possible to refine my own designs eventually.

the whole knitting process was very fast with this one. it made me think of when the mice helped cinderella hem the dress for the big ball. i almost felt like some one was doing the work for me. from start to finish the whole thing was done in a fortnight.

the yarn is hebridean 3 ply. i absolutely lurve this yarn. it has all the qualities a good yarn should have. and there are some amazing colours all inspired by different aspects of nature and especially the nature of lewis in the hebrides. i love reading alice's colourstories on her website. the colourway is fulmar which is inspired by the colours of this bird's wing. it is a kind of latte colour with whispers of rust, green and dusky pink. a very unusual colour that changes a lot depending on the light. i guess all colours do but this does it very much. and yes we like to wear hats indoors.

i have a lot of projects that i want to knit. i want to knit jared's new hats and ordered some jamieson's for one of them. and the red hebridean 3 ply is for a matinée coat for alba in a design by alice starmore from her book 'the children's collection that is available at her website at a reasonable price ( 12 gbp) and at an unreasonable price at ebay. maybe it will be a collector's item in time to come.

i have also started knitting irish moss from aran knitting for my brother in cushendale from ireland . it consists of a lot of purl stitches knitted from the back so i think it is important to have more than one project going on since it does make your hands and arms ache a bit.

oh dear what a lot of boring details.... i always wonder if my blog posts would be a bit more fun in danish.

Friday, September 5, 2008

my knitting refuge

so i am going on and on about knitting in the park. be warned my park is nothing like central park but it has lovely benches, lovely flowers, plants and trees and i have spent all spring and summer and now autumn sitting there knitting for a few hours almost every day. it is a 40 minutes walk from where i live and a nice place to spend a few hours. i love the benches, i love the castle (rosenborg) and the whole ambience of the place. when i am there with friends i tend to sit in the grass sharing some wine. all summer the gardener took take of the flower beds that were colours ranging from a warm rusty orange to baby pink (poppies mostly). little alba used to say: isn't it beautiful... right now there are yellows, lavender, purple and browns. i wonder what mr. noro would get out of that..

and when i look at the medallion on the bench i think it would be easily adapted into a cable or a pattern for some colourful fair isle knitting.

design ideas are all over the place if you want them to. and not only in pretty places like this.

and i am knitting away on my 2nd st. brigid for my sister. the colourway is fulmar and it is a strange pinkish russet beige colour. i like it . it has, like many of her heathers a strange kind of pale opal look. strange to compare opal and wool, maybe, but that is what i think.

i think i can actually finish this within 2 weeks. that is my goal. and then i am going to knit irish moss by alice for my brother. this time i am going to use cushendale dk from stephanie, a fellow raveller. her shop is in ireland, in a town called moneytown, and she is very good to do business with. good prices and excellent customer service. if you are after some nice irish yarn. try her out.

what are your autumn knits.