Monday, January 14, 2008

good news and a blogiversary

firstly, i got a new job. i have been to a lot of jobinterviews but didn't really want to blog about them before it actually lead to a new job. and now it is here. i am a counsellor again and will be working with getting refugees out on the jobmarket.. it is in elsinore, beautiful city, and i will start in two weeks. i cannot begin to say how relieved i am.

and then this blog has it's first birthday which means i will have a give away. the prize is interweave's book of cables and arans by erika knight of rowan fame. i love my stitchionaries and from what i know about the readers of this blog, they are not blind followers, as elizabeth says and hence i think you love stitchionaries too. it can however be another book if you already got this one in your knitting library.

write a comment about your favourite finished object and i will draw the winner on saturday and have the book sent to you.


Sean said...

congratulations on the new job. It's always tough interviewing! Hope it's fulfilling!

Sheila said...

I am happy for you! Congratulations on the job! Teaching can be very frustrating and exhausting, so I hope your new job will be the exact opposite.

My favorite object was an afghan my daughter and I worked on together as a Christmas gift for my mother many years ago. It linked three generations. I never got a picture of it because I didn't have a camera at the time.

Shan said...

Oh, congratulations! And Elsinore...of Hamlet! how exciting.

My favourite finished object was Print o' the Wave, which I just finished in December. I think it's my favourite because it's the only one that looks good enough to be knit by someone else. Isn't that funny, now I say it...

Well, I do hope I win the lovely book. Thanks for the contest!

idee fixe said...

Oh, how wonderful! What a relief to have a new source for yarn money ;) Will you move to St. Elsinore or is it an easy commute?

(delurking here after visiting your blog daily since finding you in Ravelry)

tiennie said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary and on your new job! Sounds wonderful on both accounts! (Don't worry about adding me to the giveaway. Just wanted to congratulate you!)

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on your blogiversary and new job! I can imagine it has been very stressful finding this new job. I enjoy your blog and remember when I once visited Copenhagen...many years ago. I enjoyed learning about cross-stitch and stayed in Bronshoj. I hope I have spelled that correctly. Reading your blog brings back many happy memories and as a knitter I enjoy reading about your projects.

Best regards and tak

jeanfromcornwall said...

Big Congratulations on the job!!!

I had better enter the draw with a favourite FO. It is not knitting - it is a cross stitch picture from a painting by Leif Ragn Jensen of a typical Danish landscape. I bought the kit in Eva Rosenstand in 1987 and it took me two years to embroider. It reminds me of such happy times - I love Denmark so!

I think we have to say Happy New Year now - a bit later than the rest of the world, but now you have got your job it can be for you!

Kent said...

Congrats Sweetie :)!

I'm so happy for you!!!

And of course, I love your saddle shoulder in progress knit the best :)


Vivienne said...

Many congratulations on the new job - I hope it is everything you've dreamed of.

My favourite finished object is the Green Gansey I knitted for my husband two years ago. It was the first jumper I knitted in the round, and also the first pattern I converted from flat knitting to in the round. I really didn't know what I was doing, but it ended up exactly as I had imagined it would. Unfortunately, it isn't his favourite jumper. He prefers a much simpler one I knitted very quickly in cheap yarn, that I don't particularly like at all!

Peggy said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad things are finally working out for you.

My favorite FO? I don't know. Probably the gold Pirate sweater for my older son. I love the color and the simple relaxed line. But I think there's another future favorite on the needles right now. We shall see.

filambulle said...

congratulations!! I am happy for you.
My favourite knit is my dark grey cashmere mystery stole. It is softer as anything I know, and I like the gracious shape, and the undertoned colour, the tiny touches of lights given by the beads, and the quiet luxury of the whole oeuvre d'art.
You can see it on my blog or in ravelry, modelled by another love of mine! :)

knittink said...

Happy blog-anniversary and my best wishes for your new job!
I do not intend to partipate in your raffle, just wanted to leave some nice greetings and thank you for blogging!

Jules said...

Tillykke med jobben!
My favorite FO is a sweater I made out of Colinette Giotto in a mauve-y color. It's my most worn object, and therefore the most useful.
[please delete if this is a 2nd comment; I didn't see the 1st show up.]

Paula said...

Tillykke on the one-year anniversary of your blog and also your new job!

My favorite recently knitted object is the saddle shoulder sweater I knitted for my middle son for Christmas. He asked for a sweater with cables in late November and I told him that I wouldn't have time to do that before Christmas. It was a totally unexpected gift and he was so pleased! It is shown on the holiday photos on my blog. I use Elizabeth Zimmerman's Saddle Shoulder formula for most of my sweaters because it fits everyone!

Going back to all my favorites would be too difficult. Most of them were special in their own way.