Monday, March 31, 2008

make my day award

i am certainly not a very diligent blogger these days. i suppose other things come beforehand and i am not proud of that.
but i have been awarded by two fellow bloggers and i am happy and honoured to pass on the torch to other bloggers whose blogs make my day.
the bloggers who have nominated me are jen and peggy of chasing bunny. they are both wonderful knitters and love being nominated by them.

i will also nominate a few bloggers. i think one is supposed to nominate 10 bloggers but i am not sure i can.

i will nominate filambulle. she is a great knitter living in switzerland who always sends nice comments my way. she is a fellow zimmermaniac and that was really my way into knitting again.

i will also nominate jean miles. a very skilled knitter, american, living in edinburgh. she is into knitting, politics, cultural history and latin, i believe. her blog is a wonderful read. go there.

and kent of kent. we share our love for knitting and music. kent is a meticulous knitter with great sense of colour. we have been discussing the saddle shouldered aran for ages in our email correspondance. it is so much fun to acquaint with people you never have met. thanks.

and john. i mean who else emabarks on knitting a sweater, a russian coat, for a perfect stranger. i think that among other things is hilarious. we also share a love for music.

and lastly (for today) i still have a few nominations to give out is shan. her knitting blog is super philosophical and you really get to know her through it in my opinion. she is a alice starmore fan and so am i. and i love the way she earns money for her yarn.

Knitting news: my second saddle shoulder aran is finished and i am wearing it as i write. i love it but it is rather unphotographable and i need to go out in the daylight for a photo shoot. i will review the yarn and cables in near future.


tiennie said...

Congrats on your nomination! You do deserve it.

Shan said...

Thank you so much for the nomination...I don't know what to say about your kind words - I'm glad one can get to know me through my blog as I have, almost by accident, ended up putting a lot of truth up there.

Thank you again.

jeanfromcornwall said...

Well done! For the nomination and for finishing the sweater.

I am looking forward to seeing a picture, but it is a yarn that makes the pattern "shy" - I am thinking of how the right light showed up the pattern in Jean Miles' gansey - it made so much difference.

John said...

thanks bunny.

filambulle said...

Thank you dear!
I am not a good blogger neither at the moment. There are simply so many things happening in my life right now. But I am touched by your kindness and proud you think of me!
I hope your new job is going well.
xo from Switzerland.

Peggy said...

So glad to see you back! I know how life gets in the way, it's hard to blog sometimes.

Can't wait to see your aran!

kent said...

Thank you for the nomination Merete :)

Hopefully soon, I will finish my saddle shoulder and we can talk about new projects!