Wednesday, July 2, 2008

my 100th post

this post is my 100th post since i began blogging in january 2006. i had expected to have a beautiful blog with lovely pictures and ever since i have been quite disappointed with the quality of the pictures and sometimes with the contents of the text as well. but anyway i keep blogging because it is a fun way to get in touch with knitters from all over the world. i do appreciate that immensely and i appreciate both my loyal readers and those who leave a comment less frequently and also those i know read my blog but never leave a comment. thanks a lot.

and there has to be a little celebration and a little contest on this occasion. so i have to pop some kind of question. what would i like to know about my readers??? do you always rip back if you notice a minor mistake?? who is your favourite knitting designer?? or do you dream about becoming one yourself??? or how big is your yarn budget a year??? i just think any comment goes and you will be in my drawing of a little prize.

i decided it should be something that is not easy to get everywhere in the world, so i decided on a big skein (150 grs or about 600 meters) of Kauni in blues, greens, lavenders, and maybe even more colours. there was a felted bag knitted in this colourway at my lys and i rather liked it. and i rather liked to support my lys a bit, since i order so much yarn from all kinds of places around the world. i suppose if you don't support those irl knitting stores they will eventually close and there will not be any opportunity to go fondle wool.

oh and st. brigid is proceeding well. everyday i take my knitting to the beautiful kongens have (king's garden) in the center of copenhagen and sit on a bench watching the beautiful plethora of flowers and the renaissance castle and knit like crazy. i am on a knitting binge.

the contest will be open through sunday and i will pick a random winner.


becky c. said...

I will only rip it out if the mistake is really visible and I can't fix it by dropping a few stitches and then knitting them back up. At the moment, Cat Bordhi is my favorite knit designer.

trek said...

I pretty much rip even if it is a tiny mistake that no one else would ever notice. It would bug me to leave it there.

Happy 100!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

I rip back whenever there's a mistake I can't fix by dropping and knitting back up. I'm too neurotic to just let a mistake stay in!

My favorite current knit designer is Norah Gaughan, though I definitely enjoy designing things for myself and modifying traditional patterns, too.

ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! I rip back whenever I can't fix the mistake in an easier way, and I don't have a favourite designer. I'd love to design more complex projects someday.

tiennie said...

Happy 100th!

No entry from me - just wanted to congratulate you!

tannina said...

Hi, congratulations on you 100th blog entry. i like to visit every time you put on a new one....
If there is a mistake i can correct easily with dropping some stitches i correct it. If i had to rip up 10cm of a lace shawl i try to get into the pattern again.
My favourite designer is EZ, because she teaches how to make it myself. Nora Gaughan is interesting too, and Cat Bordhis socks are great too.
My yarn budget is maybe 500Euros a years, maybe more

Mandy said...

I like Veronik Avery's patterns. I haven't knitted anything of hers yet, but I can't wait to!

Happy 100!

Shan said...

100 posts! Good for you Merete!

I am going to answer ALL your questions.
: )

I rip if I have to, for sure. Minor mistake, though? Usually not.

My favourite knitting designer...this is hard. I have a crush on Alice Starmore, definitely, but Kate Gilbert has a piece of my heart, too.

I dream about becoming one, yes. But I am not sure that's attainable.

How big is my yarn budget? Pretty small! I would say probably $200 CDN.

Thanks for the contest!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Happy 100th Post. Yeah, I rip for little mistakes, so I examine things after every few rows. I usually work without patterns, so I don't have a favorite designer. I love to get inspiration from their work though. Guess that makes me a designer, but not published. My yarn budget is as much of a mess as the rest of my budget. Budgeting is not among my skills. Congrats again.

jeanfromcornwall said...

Congratulations on reaching the 100! Your blog is one of the ones I always check; I just like to see what you are doing - it is always worth looking at.

Your questions -
I hate to rip back which is why I learned how to do lifelines for lace - and Yarn Harlot did a neat tutorial in how to fix a mis-crossed cable some time back!

I can't say I have one favourite designer - except that I have met Debbie Bliss and she is really, really nice! And Hanne Falkenberg's designs are stunning.

Yarn Budget - I don't think I understand the concept.

Keep on the way you are - we enjoy hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

It's still Sunday here, barely though!

I'm sorry I'm such a slacker lately, I'm on a kniting binge too, and it's hard to keep track of blog stuff!

Anyway, yes, I rip back for nearly every mistake. Yes, I would love to be a designer someday. I love being inspired by everyone else's work.

St. Brigid is looking beautiful!