Tuesday, December 23, 2008

flared lace smokering

there were two projects that went a bit wrong i.e. the gift knitting went wrong so i thought snap out of it, let me knit a little thingy for myself. i wanted to knit a smokering in qiviut and went on a manical search for qiviut in a very bad mood a while ago. no qiviut but i slipped on the floor in a yarnstore and went home. it was in the thick of job search and rejections, so i felt really really bad lying there on the middle of a floor in a yarn store.
since then things have changed for the better. i am so glad. and all of a sudden i don't have the urge for qiviut any longer. but i thought it would be fun to knit a smoke ring anyway and i fell in love with heartstrings pattern: flared lace smokering and it turned out to be great fun to knit. the qiviut was substituted by drops alpaca from stash. stashbusting is nice and i am starting to believe in the philosophy that says: get rid of things you haven't used for two years.
and how does one model a smokering? i suppose my nephew feels pretty happy about sporting it yarnballboogie style . and when i met him today i thought what a family we are. always flashing my handknits. i have been out with 4 family members this december, and some at random, and they have all been wearing my handknits. in my nephew's case the fishtrap cardigan. it is unbelievable how well the briggs and little regal holds up. not a pill, not a difference in shape in sight. if i didn't have to pay that damned tax for getting it into the country i'd never use any other yarn.
merry christmas.


miyamojo said...

hooray for 'yarnballboogie style!!'
What a handsome nephew you have! Isn't it fun to flash handknits?! Also, that your family wears what you knit!! I love alpaca too.
Merry Christmas to you Merete!
Michele & Wooly :)

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Very nice smokering- great job. And what a fun model!

tiennie said...

It's very pretty! Great modeling. :) Happy holidays to you!!

Vivienne said...

I wish I could find such willing models!

Gl├Ždelig jul to you (I hope I spelled that right).

Kent said...


As usual, gorgeous knit accessory :)

Happy Christmas Eve!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Oh I love that smokering! In fact I loved it a couple of years back and bought it - but then it got put to one side and somehow forgotten. Now I will try to find it, and start it immediately.

And while I remember - thank you so much again for the hints on where to find owl patterns. DH loved the washcloth and the pattern round the top of his Christmas socks!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

slavi said...