Sunday, April 12, 2009

a sweater and a cool cat.

this is my newest fo. actually i have two other to show off but it seems life is at such a fast pace now and i am so preoccupied with work and somehow many old friends have emerged all of a sudden and new friends too. work is a bliss. i haven't felt so happy going to work for years and i feel i fit in where i am.
the new fo is a cardi in brioche stitch for my niece designed by danish designer helga isager and slightly altered by me. the pattern is poorly written and i knitted one for myself too in the original yarn isager 2 and it looks so poor as well since the yarn is pilling like crazy. i don't like that in a yarn. for my niece's i chose a better and cheaper yarn in my favourite colour- a khaki green.
i am still a zimmermaniac too. i finished meg's shaded aspen leaf sweater and cardiganized it. the result is stunning but when i gifted it to my friend we had a lot of wine and forgot to document it. this will happen later.
the little boy in the picture is my grand nephew a, who is probably the happiest person i ever met. everything that happens to him is seconded by a yipee or yahoo. that is so nice. and i think he looks so cute in his manly jacket. yipee for a. he is adorable.


kgirl said...

lovely cardigan - i too am a big fan of olive green ;)

I am pleased to hear how much you enjoy your work, it's a wonderful thing to achieve harmony with employment

Mandy said...

So glad to know you like your job! I forgive you for not posting more, since you seem busy and happy. :)

Shan said...

I was wondering where you were!!

I hate pilly yarn. HATE.

Can't wait to see the shaded aspen leaf cardy.

Mary Lou said...

both sweaters look great - and that nephew is totally adorable. I got to spend some time with great nephews and nieces last week when i went home for a family wedding. If they lived closer they'd be modeling my knit wear all the time!

tiennie said...

The sweater is very pretty! So happy to hear that you are really enjoying your work!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous sweater. Yay for happy little boys!

Sherman Unkefer said...

Great creations, keep posting.
Sherman Unkefer