Saturday, January 13, 2007

st. elizabeth zimmermann

i learned to knit by someone whose initials were ez, and who grew up in england, and taught me to knit, continental style. and now years and years later i knit the lovely elizabeth zimmermann things. that is fun. i love her for her patterns and her pen. her books are timeless and ver entertaining.

i have knitted the tomten jacket for a little girl with matching boots in colours that are very zimmermann i believe. the same little girl is 5 months old and has 5 baby surprise jackets and a ganomy hat. i think she will grow up to be very stylish and timeless fashionwise.


Jodi said...

Very beautiful sweater, and boots. There have been so many tomtens lately that I am almost inspired to knit one.

Sean said...

I think EZ is pretty spectacular as well...I love that hat...which book or pattern does it come from?

Good luck with the new blog!

sarah shepherd said...

thanks for the suggestion re: the hat shaping ... i ended up making a regular shape ... but am definately keen to try out the ez hat pattern ... did one of these hats (or similar) in his last blog ... its super cool