Friday, April 6, 2007

rastaman goes norwegian, tomten blocking and a nice large swatch.

thanks a lot to everyone who has paid compliments on my seamless hybrid. it warmed me and the sweater is much cherished by the recipient. and what have i been up to lately??? i have knitted a rasta tam for an african friend of mine. i hope he will like it. it is knit from the leftovers from the sweater.. great fun to knit colour patterns again. i do admit, though, that this is a pretty simple variation.

the tomten i have been blogging about in an earlier post is blocking. i am not over the moon with the way the yarn behaved (filatura di crosa, zara) after it was wetblocked. very elastic indeedy.

and the last thing i have been up to is a swatch. want to do the meg swansen saddle shoulder aran cardigan. i am in love with lime green for some reason. maybe because it suits you both when you have a suntan or when your skin is a bit reddish in the winter time.

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Ashley said...

I would really love to make a tam such as this for myself. I don't really need info on the lice pattern, just the basic hat. Let me know if you can help!