Monday, April 16, 2007


i have been a true zimmermaniac this weekend. i have listened to bob dylan aka robert zimmermann and i have been knitting more of elizabeth's projects. the hat is the pillbox hat (and yes i considered a to knit a leopard skin pillbox hat to make a fusion between knitting and music- a zimmermann hommage) and a february sweater. both are made form filatura di crosa: zara which in fact is a high quality merino wool. it has a lot of stretch which is a surprise when you wet block. the garments look enormous. i am not completely taken with the green colour hence i chose the wooden buttons to cool it down a bit.
i wonder how long elizabeth will continue to lure me into knitting. i love her patterns and i love the way she inspires me to create myself. with her patterns, although you sometimes don't understand a word at first, you can knit on with confidence.

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