Monday, May 28, 2007

an aubergine fair isle

as any knitter can tell i am knitting another fair isle yoke. my sister got envious of her daughter's and i thought why not knit another flawless one. she has a funny taste of colours and i had to deny her orange. i guess this can be a pretty and quite folklorish sweater. and i have been walking round town to do photo shoots on the progress. despite the rather thin wool and needles everything goes pretty fast. i have done the knitted up hem which i think i just such a wonderful detail to a sweater. and once i got the grip on the provisional crochet cast on it is no big deal. unfortunately i have no knitting buddies here who knows the other provisional cast on which actually looks easier if i only understood how. i am also going to work a bit on getting better on short rows. any advise is welcome.

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filambulle said...

I like this colourway very much. As I don't know which provisionale cast-on you are using, I cannot explain you the other(s). But you should look for "provisional cast-on tutorial" in google. I like to look in google images too, with only "provisional cast-on", then when i have good images that look like they may belong to a tutorial, I follow the link (in another window).
Eunny Knits has some wonderful tutes for lace, with one or two provisional cast-on...
Happy knitting