Friday, June 1, 2007

tomten rocks

when the cute alba was in the park yesterday with mummy she was a adressed by a group of american tourists who were dying to know where in copenhagen to buy the lovely little tweedy baby jacket she was wearing (rowanspun dk). my niece told them that it was her aunt who had knitted it for the baby and they replied that this aunt should knit a lot of them and become rich :-)) my poor niece got so confused that she couldn't get herself together and tell that it was actually an american pattern. i am happy that people think i can get rich and i wish tomten was my intention. i have ordered wool for another one which she can wear next winter. green rowanspun aran at i think i will make it with toggles and a few bobbles.
the aubergine fair isle is proceeding fast without any problems apart from being a rather boring knit until the colourwork starts. and after that i shall seek new challenges. that i am damn sure about now. i can hardly wait and have five days off from work so i suppose the fun will start pretty soon. hooray.

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Peggy said...

What a great story! I'll have to start knitting tomtens and educate the American public about EZ. Although, a tomten jacket is certainly more appropriate in Scandinavia...