Friday, October 17, 2008

poromaniac, or we are family....

i have been knitting lovely poroms in 6 colours in all. 4 of them in the yarn jared suggests. and i agree with him. this yarn is fab and could be my desert island yarn. take me to a desert island with all those hues and i would never bother anyone again. or let me spend a little time in the shetland islands among the sheep and the lovely sheepish products. and you will not hear from me while i am there.

i made a yellow one is the colourway yellow ochre

a green one in the colourway seaweed

a purple one in the colourway dusk

and a brownish one in the colourway

i knit one each night and the knitting is great fun and the pattern is so well orchestrated by jared who isn't only a great connaiseur of colours and yarn and knits lovely things but also is a great tech knitter. every thing is so well explained. well except one thing. what is a porom?? i learn a lot about different cultures from knitting but this one i have no idea about.

i am looking forward to wearing my poroms. i think it becomes most people with a hat. and this makes one look like rastaman goes tweedy or a character in a dickens novel. i am not sure if i am going to keep all of them but in a way i think it would be great to let them stay together as a family that can spice up my wardrobe any day.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I love your Poroms, they are beautiful. You have chosen very classy colors also.

Susan said...

Fabulous. Great color choices!

Irene said...

De er flotte dine Poroms ! Lækkert med så mange i forskellige farver:-)

annie said...

your knitting is superb. I've been reading your blog for a while... You've posted a while ago about buying yarn from the shetland islands, do you bother to tell me where you order it? I can't get it here... have recently started to knit fair isle patterns, now I long for the real stuff:)
Maybe one day we will meet in a wool shop on one of the islands...
greetings from germany!
or visit my

tiennie said...

These are wonderful!