Friday, February 16, 2007

another helping of llama anyone????

i bought this amimono scarf on sale recently. it is handknit and designed by helga isager, daughter of marianne, who is the author behind the knitting book 'out of africa' among other. marianne is also the student of aase lund jensen who had a great impact on hand-knitting in denmark last time it was a fad i.e. in the seventies and eighties.

i have decided to let myself inspire and make a similar scarf but from the colours in the 'royal copenhagen' bowl 'ursula'.

experimenting with colours is wonderful and the alpaca is now so cheap that it is easy to treat oneself with a plenitude of colours from your lys. the only fear is that the moths that consumed my cashmere sweater this fall will return. argh.

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