Monday, February 5, 2007

knitting in progress

there are no photos to post but i am doing progress on the seamless hybrid. it is mindless knitting and in a way i like it but all in all i think i am in for the more sophisticated lace knitting. but there is a limit to the number of lace stoles a girl needs. hopefully i will be able to post the seamless next week when i am having one week's holiday. that is lovely. i will knit, take up yoga classes again, hopefully. not shop too much. and enjoy life.
i am bidding on interweave knits right now. i desperately want norah gaughan's tweedy cardigan pattern that i want to knit in some plum coloured yorkshire tweed. yes hopefully that will be my next project. i can return to lace knitting this summer and knit an awful lot of scarves, stoles and so on for christmas. in africa they are supposed to say that the richness of a woman can be measured by the amount of kangas she owns. maybe that goes for stoles and scarves as well.

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