Tuesday, February 27, 2007

tomten again

i have been a little lazy lately. i am waiting for my grey yarn to make my seamless hybrid longer. the recepient felt it was a bit on the short side. i personally think it looked perfect on him but hate sweaters that are too short myself too. soooo. the yarn hasn't arrived yet. instead i have started to knit a tomten for my great niece, alba's christening. it is white and will have fluffy white angora edgings. she will look so cute. not because of tomten but because she is the cutest sight ever. the bowl on the picture is made by her dad for my 46th birthday on sunday. he has made it out of wood he has collected in my favourite park in copenhagen where i walk almost every day. it is made to keep my knitting in.

the next project will be another seamless for my nephew in coffee brown with lime hems. hopefully it will turn out long enough.

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Jennifer said...

Your tomten sounds beautiful & the yarn looks lovely! The bowl is what really got my attention with that white yarn...makes for beautiful photography.