Thursday, December 13, 2007

living among fishbone, staghorns and sheepfolds.

i have finally started the saddle shoulder aran for my nephew stig. it is beaverslide worsted again. according to clara parkes three ply yarn makes better cables but that is just too bad. it worked quite well with peter's sweater where the cables are much more pronounced than you can see in my pictures. and the next project is going to be cables in two ply as well. i want to make an aran of the skye tweed i purchased back in may for me. so i am clicking away on this project and want to finish it as fast as possible.
today i touched qiviut. i even touched unspun qiviut. i want a skein of qiviut for christmas to make a koolhaas out of. it would be sooo nice. i think i will have to buy qiviut myself though. and this is probably what upsets me about christmas. you get busy and lose track of what people really want. and then you just buy something that is a fad or obviously useful like stockings or a perfume. the personal touch of gift giving disappears.
today i was in a bookstore where some girls wanted to buy a craft book for an aunt. one said to the other: i don't remember if it is crochet, needlepoint or knitting that she likes. hm hm. find out before buying would be my advice. it is not that i don't like christmas i just find it a bit over done.
the christmas ornament with the knitting girl is from rome. peter bought it to me when he was in rome last week. i suppose it reminded him of somebody.....


tiennieknits said...

Great start to the sweater - very nice color. I don't think I've even seen quiviut let alone touch it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Merete! I'm so sorry it's been so long!
After a week without internet I don't know how to budget my time anymore. Oh well. I love the cabled cardi, it's going to be beautiful, well it already is beautiful. Especialy the color.

Peter's sweater came out great!

Paula said...

Saddle Shoulder (ala Elizabeth Zimmermann is my favorite style, especially for men. Once I get where the body and sleeves are connected, it just flies and you feel so clever when you are done. I just posted a photo of the saddle should (also with cables) completed for my son for Christmas. Can't wait to see it on him.

Peter does look very striking and distinguished in his blue sweater. What a lovely color for him. And it fits perfectly! Great job!

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

I love the cabling and think it looks good in the yarn. Keep knitting, before you know it, you're on to the next project. :)