Monday, December 10, 2007

weekend and a finished object.

the little jultomte at the top of the post is knit by my grandmother. now she decorates the houses of her great great grandchildren. i think that is nice to think about. i am also using the knitting books she gave me back in the eighties. that is nice too. she actually created things like that all her life. both her daughters are also quite gifted. one makes pottery and wall hangings here in copenhagen, the other in denver, colorado and all of the three has managed to sell things. i sold a little baby sweater too. but that was many years ago.
the birthday cake is made by a talented friend of mine and was a present for my father on his 83rd birthday today. doesn't it look yummy. you bet it was. my father has a penchant for these green frogs made out of cake. in some aspects we never grow up.
and carl, the pirate, looks very scary in his shiver me timbers sweater and all the other pirate gear. but the truth is, that i gave him some temporary tattoos a while ago. his mother told me that he only dared to have a dolphin and a seagull tattooed because he found the rest too dangerous. that is so cute. it is good to have a mother to protect you against scary tattoos.
and peter's sweater is finished and blocked. it is hard too see what it really looks like but i am very satisfied with the result and with all the techniques i have learned in the process. i have finally realized what the difference between a k2tog through back loop and the ssk is. and i love the result. i wonder why it took so long. i have learned the tubular cast on and cast off too. and that gives a professional look to one's handknit sweaters. the cast off is a little time consuming and i think it will be better the next time i do it, but it does something for your knitting and is worth trying. hopefully i can take some dazzling photos of it's dazzling recipient when i hand it over to him.


tiennieknits said...

Great sweater! Can't wait to see it on the recipient!

Shan said...

Oh I've been dying to learn the tubular cast off but haven't somehow made the time yet.

I love the look of that cake.

Lydia said...

I love your gran's saucy doll! Isn't it wonderful to have a craft-y family? And happy birthday to your dad; family party cakes are the best.

What *is* the difference between a k2togtbl and a ssk, anyway?! Been stuck on this lately myself...

Monika said...

I can see how the little one enjoys his Pirat sweater! :o)
Your pewter sweater looks gorgeous! Lovely color.