Wednesday, December 5, 2007

sheep thrills

the blue peter sweater is coming to an end pretty soon. and i am happy. tomorrow is his birthday but this was never intended as a birthday present but as a token of my thankfulness for having this wonderful and humourous person in my life. that is so invaluable.
and the next to come is meg swansen's saddle shoulder cardi. i hope i can figure out how to make the saddles but as machado says: camino se hace al andar.... and that was supposed to be my new motto, as i have mentioned earlier.
the grey yarn is eco gotland sheep wool. there are many christmas markets around these days and it seems that yarn has become very popular all of a sudden. this wool is very beautiful with a lovely sheen and i suppose i will make a moebius or something one fine day. after the saddle shoulder and my own aran from the skye tweed i bought back in may is finished. i am clicking away as fast as i can.
and talking about yarn. has anyone read the knittingcurmudgeon's article on kristin nicholas in the latest issue of IK? it is a great portray of kristin who has a new book out. she is having a yarn give away on her blog and i would love to win the yarn. wouldn't you??? i even think it may happen with my usual luck in yarn giveaways. i think kristin's designs are exceptionally happy and pretty. i also find it so sweet that kristin has named the yarn after her daughter julia. how many girls have a yarn named after them??? i also think the knittingcurmudgeon is a hell of a writer. her blog always makes me reflect.

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tiennieknits said...

The sweater is looking fantastic!