Thursday, May 15, 2008


i have threated with showing my saddle shoulder aran for a long time now. and here it finally is. i am very pleased with the sweater and love the place the photo shoot took place. it is denmark at it's best.

13 balls of classic elite skye tweed, upland green
needles 3½, 4 and 4½ mm.
pattern: meg swansen's saddle shoulder aran

i did as meg said in the pattern and like so often before with the zimmermann family patterns i figured out what to do as i went. i knit on with confidence. well this maybe applies more for the first saddle shoulder i knit for my nephew and which was so terribly wrong-sized.

the yarn is beautiful beyond belief, and like many other bloggers i pester myself for not having bought a little bit more before it went out of the market. some find this yarn very scratchy and it is definitely not malabrigo but i love the texture and feel.

the cables are ribbed cable, fishbone, sheepfold, and staghorn. the arrangement of staghorn and ribbed cable is stolen from alice starmore's inishmore.

all i can say is, if you haven't knitted it yet, do sometime in the future. it is genius.


Shan said...

Wow that is BEAUTIFUL! What a great job. I love the colour too.

Interesting - I love the texture and feel of the scratchier wool too. As I use merino and watch it pill up, I love scratchy wool even more.

Mandy said...

Stunning. Love it!

kathy in juneau said...

Gorgeous Sweater!!!

tiennie said...

This, I want to steal from you and wear it! I love it!!

jeanfromcornwall said...

That is so good! And is that your dog? Give it a pat from me - beagles are so special.

Paula said...

It's always a great feeling to finish a project, especially a challenging one such as an Aran sweater. I love EZ's saddle shoulder design and use it almost exclusively for the menfolk in my life-one husband and 3 grown sons who all love hand knit sweaters.

Moncha said...

Lovely sweater,I would like to make one too day :-)

Kent said...


You're my inspiration :)

It's soo gorgeous!

Thank you so much for sharing the photos - and yes it is beautiful!!!

Ok, now I'm really going to have to hurry and finish mine :P