Monday, May 12, 2008

thank you

first of all. thank you for all your nice words regarding my father's death. it warmed me very much. now we have the funeral over and done with and a home that needs to be closed down. it is now the family home but a place where he went to live around 10 years ago.
it was a beautiful funeral. we had chosen roses in all colours for the coffin and it looked lovely. the priest made a lovely speak and he was such a good choice since he knew my mom and dad when they were young and hence it became very personal.

and there has been knitting. the fishtrap is proceeding wonderfully. i have always been in lovely with this pattern that reminds me of woodcarvings or something like that. it is not very difficult and the canadian regal makes the cables stand out very well. it is quite scratchy though. but i like this kind of scratchy yarn much more than soft processed yarn. i think it will last a lifetime.

after this project i plan to knit na craga in cascade heathers. i bought the yarn for a sweater for my dad but now i am going to knit it for andrés, the hubby of my niece, and alba's dad. he is such an aran man to look at.

and look at my turkish socks. they were bought in turkey some 50 years ago. my grandparents lived there and my parents and siblings were invited there on holiday. it was so unusual to go somewhere like that in that time. they made an article about it in the local newspaper.

i think they are beautiful stockings knitted on ultra small needles on an ultra tight gauge. the colours really stand out and they can serve as inspiration for something.


Shan said...

I'm glad you are well and that your dad had a lovely service.

I love those socks - they remind me of ones in Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' book "Ethnic Socks and Stockings". I'd like to get a closer look at them, for sure.

tiennie said...

I'm glad that the funeral went well.

Beautiful projects.

Peggy said...

Your fishtrap is coming along lovely.

I'm glad the funeral went well, hope you and your family are continuing to heal.

Those Turkish stockings are a treasure!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your father's passing! I hope the family gathering for his memorial was a healing time for you.

Your Fishtrap is looking so beautiful - I'm impressed how quickly you're flying through it, and I like the decorative hem you added!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your losing your father. I hope it helps when the funeral leaves good memories.
The cardigan looks great. If you find the wool too scratchy after all, you can always put it in the freezer after you have washed it. I knit with mohair mostly and all my sweaters take a dip and go into the freezer for 48 hours, as standard procedure. It makes the wool lots softer. Monitor the defrosting carefully, however.

Willemtje, a Dutch knitter