Thursday, May 22, 2008


here is a picture of the first garment i ever knitted. a retro tunic it is called on the online yarn store that sells it. it is made out of unspun icelandic and mine was red and navy blue. the yarn was brushed up after knitting and i was proud as a pope after knitting it at the tender age of twelve. i also remember knitting another sweater in garter stitch from cuff to cuff for my sister in two brown shades. i even remember the model wearing it. her name was pia tryde and she was the model at that time. now she must be about 63 and hopefully she has kept her lovely ingrid bergman looks.

i have been thinking so much about my childhood and my parents these past few weeks and what they gave me. it was quite a lot. good mostly. but my mother (whose initials were ez) certainly gave me the joy of knitting. we spent hours watching table and she had a drawer in her coffee table where she kept her knitting. it was quite big and made for the purpose. i don't think my mother stopped knitting until 2 weeks before she died. i kept the yarn and her knitting for years but must have thrown it away somewhere along the line. it doesn't really matter.

and i realise that i am related to so many avid knitters. my maternal grandmother knitted, my fraternal grandmother knitted norwegian mittens and socks and had such an ez take on knitting. my aunt on my mothers side knitted a little but was a very talented brodeuse. and my father's two sisters knit. i hope to get the chance once to go to knitting camp with my father's youngest sister in colorado. or just join her in her knitting group for a wee moment.

a few days ago i got an email from her granddaughter in illinois. and she has a flickr page.... mystery shawl, hedera, socks that rock.... a small world isn't it?????


Shan said...

It's nice that your family is full of knitters. I'm the only one in my generation, although I have an aunt who knits desultorily, and my mother is enjoying a renewed interest as well.

My grandmothers both knit - one spent quite a lot of time at it. My dad has a sweater she knit him in the 1950's - that particular year she and her sister knit Cowichan style sweaters for every single person in the family, for Christmas. I need to repair the cuffs soon...

It's interesting that you say you must have thrown her stash away, but that it doesn't really matter. I was expecting you to say something quite different, but I think you're right: it really doesn't.

Thanks for giving me a lot to think about today.

tiennie said...

It's so nice that you have all these great memories of your childhood and knitting and to have all those wonderful knitters in your life.