Monday, August 18, 2008

in the meantime

what can a girl do when waiting for a new kit in a different colour for st. brigid. yes my sister is in line for one and is having her birthday pretty soon. so i will give her the knitting, and maybe the yarn.
i have knitted first one koolhaas in malabrigo (rain forest).
then another (in debbie bliss donegal luxury tweed)
and then i embarked on a alice inspired knitting project for alba.
and then i knitted a cardigan type of thing for my niece.
and then i was left with a lot of seaming and a lot of darning to do. never mind. it will be done.
the nice thing is that i have finally tried jared's wonderful pattern. such a nice detailed pattern that is, and i still have to make the perfect koolhaas for me. but there are a few hats for the gift drawer now.
i used ten skeins of yorkshire tweed chunky and the rest of the beaverslide left from my first saddle shoulder aran.
which means there is plenty of space for new yarn for new winter projects. without me having to feel guilty to get yarn all the time.
and did i mention that i crocheted something today. crochet used to interest me a lot and i even wrote a paper about the crocheted kippah back in 89. and today i crocheted again from noro left overs.
here are pictures of the hats and a sneak peak of the alice sweater for alba. the rest i will present in my next post.
it has been great fun and a change to do one skein projects. i could easily get addicted, though.
and more than anything. thanks for all your lovely and kind comments on st. brigid. i can hardly wait for autumn to arrive.


tiennie said...

Those are wonderful hats and must have been nice projects after St. Brigid!

Shan said...

So you're doing another one, are you? Wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures.

That first photo is interesting - when I glanced at it I thought it was something like a mango cut in half...just for a second.