Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a cardi for my niece

as readers of this blog may know alba has a father. and he has na craga. and an uncle who has the fishtrap cardi and a mother who didn't get a sweater for some time. last winter i started knitting an adult tomten without any refinements and it stayed as a wip through the spring and summer. i didn't really agree with me. so i saw the moss stitch jacket on ravelry and ordered the book scottish inspirations by sarah dallas et al. and decided to use the yorkshire tweed chunky that i had purchased from jannette to knit a moss stitch jacket for my niece ulle. i got it an incredibly good price and it is great to wear with all colours especially jeans.

my favourite clothes shop in copenhagen (that is closing down unfortunately) had a great sale on safety pins in supersize. so i got a few of those. i have yarn left for another moss stitch jacket, you see.

i think my niece loves when her family get gifts but i also think it is important to remember that even though you are an adult with your own family, your inner child still has to be nurtured with gifts and nice words too. well it is just a thought.

my yarn from the outer hebrides finally arrived and i have cast on for another st. brigid. a saint brigid that will be popular with anyone who is a burberry fanatic. not that my sister is that.

it is great and it is proceeding swimmingly. i am even able to knit after a few g and t's.

i am in awe of st. alice and st. brigid. there is a lot discussion going on at ravelry about the malice of alice. especially that she is so fussy about her copyright. i find it rather peculiar, as i think it is so great that she lifts up knitting to being an art form. and i don't understand that women who knows how long time it takes to get ideas let alone knit, doesn't cherish this upheaval of knitting. i wouldn't like people to say that knitting is something everyone can do effortlessly. i have worked and worked to get to this stage and no matter how much i work i know i will ever get alice's genius. so it is art. and hence be paid respect to. this also goes for other designers and i really appreciate those who actually give out some of their patterns.

when that is said, i really do hope that starmore will be reprinted eventually. because why not share the beauty.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

This is absolutely lovely.

Shan said...

"In awe of st. alice", you are so right. I couldn't agree more and I applaud your sentiments.

I just too out "Fair Isle Knitting" from the library today and I am reminded anew how important it is to keep checking those second-hand shops. Someone, someday, is bound to toss theirs on the donation pile.

Beautiful Tomten, by the way, and beautiful niece. You're right about how it's important to get little gifts and things.

tiennie said...

This is beautiful on your pretty niece!!

Sinéad said...

Seed stitch is one of my favourite stitches, it always looks great. And your cardigan is no exception!

With regard to my Druid Mittens you commented on, I didn't choose the leprechaun colorway as I'm in Ireland, unsure of where I could get the yarn and to be honest, I'm trying to stashbust a bit!

Kent said...

Yes, LOVELY sweater for your niece and can't wait to see your 'hebridean' (is that the correct spelling) yarn!

I totally agree with you on Alice and her artistry (just look at your gorgeous st. brigid..who can question it's beauty and artistry!)