Sunday, August 24, 2008

st. alba

as you all know there are a few things in life that inspire me. among those alba and knitting so i have knitted a lot for her since she was born. and when her mum asks her, who do we know who knit, she promptly answers: merete knits. she is even starting to request things. i gave her mum the bookmark scarf and alba said: i want one too.

this year i have been very interested in cables which have resulted in different cabled knits. among those i enjoyed to knit both st. brigid and na craga enourmously. hence i will knit another st. brigid for my sister soon. but while waiting for the yarn to arrive from outer hebrides i decided to knit an alice starmore inspired sweater for little alba. when i order yarn abroad i normally order generous amounts and therefore i had enough left of beaverslide worsted for a sweater for a child. and even for a hat.

i used all my starmore literature to find the cables i wanted to knit and put it all together, my way. i thought the heart cable is so cute for a little girl, i am in love with the aran braid and the sand stitch is a great pattern. the rib is called knotted rib and is really lovely and fun to do. the neck line is inspired by na craga with 5 rounds of knitting after the ribbing.

i hope she will wear it a lot. she is as sweet as pie in it. in my opinion.

knitting stats:

3 skeins of beaverslide worsted in the colourway lichen

needles no 4½mm

the thing is knitted in 4 pieces and then seamed.

the measurements are based on ez eps however.


Penny said...

That's the cutest jumper! :)

Shan said...

Fantastic - the sweater is gorgeous and that little girl is an angel. Alba is the perfect name for her, with that spectacular hair and her lovely fair colouring.

And YOU are fantastic too, sending my daughter a lovely card with postcards in it...we were thrilled and pored over them, examining the beautiful royal couple and sighing over the wedding picture - a REAL princess! Thank you so, so much - it meant a lot to my girl to get your thoughtful card.

heidi said...

The sweater is really cute, and she looks so lovely in it:)

Mandy said...

Beautiful sweater for a very beautiful girl!!

SYLVIE said...

That is one cute sweater for one cute little girl!

jeanfromcornwall said...

That's lovely - just how do you do it so quickly? We seem to see FO's from you far more often then I could manage to produce!

Irene said...

What a beauty! (Both the sweater and the pretty child!)

tiennie said...

What a cutie in her adorable sweater!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Beautiful sweater, and beautiful, lucky girl.