Friday, September 5, 2008

my knitting refuge

so i am going on and on about knitting in the park. be warned my park is nothing like central park but it has lovely benches, lovely flowers, plants and trees and i have spent all spring and summer and now autumn sitting there knitting for a few hours almost every day. it is a 40 minutes walk from where i live and a nice place to spend a few hours. i love the benches, i love the castle (rosenborg) and the whole ambience of the place. when i am there with friends i tend to sit in the grass sharing some wine. all summer the gardener took take of the flower beds that were colours ranging from a warm rusty orange to baby pink (poppies mostly). little alba used to say: isn't it beautiful... right now there are yellows, lavender, purple and browns. i wonder what mr. noro would get out of that..

and when i look at the medallion on the bench i think it would be easily adapted into a cable or a pattern for some colourful fair isle knitting.

design ideas are all over the place if you want them to. and not only in pretty places like this.

and i am knitting away on my 2nd st. brigid for my sister. the colourway is fulmar and it is a strange pinkish russet beige colour. i like it . it has, like many of her heathers a strange kind of pale opal look. strange to compare opal and wool, maybe, but that is what i think.

i think i can actually finish this within 2 weeks. that is my goal. and then i am going to knit irish moss by alice for my brother. this time i am going to use cushendale dk from stephanie, a fellow raveller. her shop is in ireland, in a town called moneytown, and she is very good to do business with. good prices and excellent customer service. if you are after some nice irish yarn. try her out.

what are your autumn knits.


tiennie said...

I feel that way about seeing designs and wanting to turn them into quilting designs. I think it would be easier to adapt them to quilting than knitting for me.

Shan said...

Oh, so very beautiful a spot! You're lucky. And 40 minutes - a perfect walk with your knitting.

This fall I have been commissioned to do another toddler sweater by my uncles, so I suspect that will take quite a bit of time. Other than that, I have some Christmas presents to plan, and maybe Rheingold to knit.

The Fulmar yarn looks beautiful.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Every last picture is simply beautiful. That is a gorgeous color.

Autumn knits? Where to begin...

Sinéad said...

What a beautiful park. I can see why you'd walk 40 mins to knit there, and sit in the grass and sip wine. Sounds idyllic. Glad you had a nice time in Dublin, come back anytime!
I'd love to see your design incorporating the medallion from the park bench!