Friday, September 26, 2008

argh or øv as we say in danish.

i have a new love. and when love isn't over or hasn't started it is normal to be eagerly anticipating for one's love to come along. my new love is porom in jamieson's dk by the one and only jared ( i do not have to link). alas there wasn't enough yarn as i had read it as to skeins were needed but they are twice as big in the us as in europe. so now i hope mr. gary jamieson of shetland islands will be quick to send me the missing skein plus a few other.

jared says that a light dk is needed for this project and i agree. this is the right yarn that both shows off the lace and gives the right drape. and it is very different from any other old yarn. and i know yarn.

it always takes a long time to ship from the hebrides or the shetland islands. i wonder how it is done. by boat, by a weekly ship, by helicopter.

one day i will go there and find out for myself. wearing the porom and saint brigid.


Helen said...

There are daily planes to and from the Hebrides, with airports at Stornaway, Benbecula and Barra: I expect that all the mail goes to Inverness for sorting although I don't know for sure. From there it should be put on another plane the same day, but who knows.

Some of the smaller Hebridean islands have their mail collected and delivered by ferry, but they still have more than one sailing a day. Perhaps some of the slowness results from there being so many short journeys involved, with delays at each. And the Hebrideans aren't famous for being a speedy people :)

There lots of airports on Shetland too but the same complications may apply. You can plan your trip to Shetland here

tiennie said...

That yarn looks wonderful!