Sunday, September 21, 2008


i knit a lot in public and right now i enjoy early autumn by sitting in 'my' park knitting in the afternoons. it is fun how people react. men will always say: how diligent you are. do men like diligence in women???

and today a spanish lady came and exclaimed: san mirar. relaxacion.

but the best comment this week was when somebody stopped me in the street and asked where i bought st. brigid. not because i particularly wants my knitting not to be home made but it is nice to get a compliment from a stranger in the street.

i have finished secret garden. another starmore knit. i cannot begin to say how clear and lovely her patterns are. and i learn a lot i can use for my own designs when i am back at creating my own things. it is a little thing but with a lot of techniques to be learned. and i am a sucker for technique right now.

the yarn is a kit from virtual yarns in red rattle. yes i also learn about scottish flora and fauna by shopping with alice. the button was given to me from my mother 30 years ago. and the lovely little tag is made by peggy of noodleknit fame. there was no way to make alba model it today. and never mind that. she is cute anyway.

i have embarked on knitting a few arans for my grandnephews. and then i have a sweater for my brother on the needles. there is a lot of twisted purl stitches so i shouldn't knit too diligently on that one.


becky c. said...

Secret Garden is gorgeous - I love that color!

Anonymous said...

Secret Garden looks so lovely! What a lucky girl Alba is :)

Shan said...

I've always wanted to knit Secret Garden. Yours is beautiful!

tiennie said...

This is really adorable!

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to knit Secret Garden- then my daughter became soooo not girly. I still have 2 nieces who aren't quite old enough to have those opinions yet... (and you knit that in like, what- 30 seconds? amazing)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sweater and color!

You are my inspiration and I can't wait to try a Starmore pattern (someday SOON I hope :)....)