Saturday, November 22, 2008


it just wanted to prove that i actually finished this baby. i think it has turned out well but i don't quite understand why it flares at the back. maybe it is due to the bigness of the sweater. my brother likes it and was going to wear it at a conference where he is a key speaker.
it is still impossible to take nice pictures and especially in the evening. and the colour of this sweater is quite unphotographable too.
i hope you can get the idea.
9 skeins of cushendale in the colourway moss.

knitpicks options no. 3½ and 4 mm
pattern little rivers from alice starmore: stillwater.
the pattern is inspired by rivers in delaware.
as all other starmore patterns this leaves you with absolutely no bad surprises. so well written. her sweaters are on the big side and this is no exception . i didn't have gauge so it is actually much smaller than the original and still roomy.
i cannot recommend the yarn enough. get some and knit a nice heirloom.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful sweater. Great knitting.

whitknits said...

It's beautiful! You have my sympathies on the difficulties taking photos this time of year.

It makes me sad that Starmore's sweaters are so enormous, because I am a tiny person and I would love to knit one for myself. I guess it just means I will have to use my brains to resize her beautiful patterns.

Kristen said...

That is just beautiful! You always pick the most intricate and lovely patterns.

heidi said...

I too find it very beutiful! and the fit is excellent! great job!