Wednesday, November 5, 2008


congratulations to those of you who think it is the right man who was elected yesterday. it is an incredible story. i think it is the right man but now he has to prove himself. have seen a lot of insight docus lately about him and i think his story must leave a lot of hope for a lot of people round the world. and then it doesn't hurt a bit that he and his wife have 'it'. both of them. i am not sure i like here black and red dress but she was certainly dressed to fight in a dress of bullfighter value. and it will of course be a fight. i suppose it was no coincidence either that the girls were dressed to match their mom.
and a vote for him was a vote for change. too bad i couldn't vote. i think i have never needed change any more than now. both on the knitting front and personally. i am seeking for a job again. second time this year and one time too many. i some times feel a bit jinxed. i was working for 14 years the same place without any major problems and then this. i know that there has been a lot of different things helping me through this time, mainly myself. but knitting has certainly been part of it. both the meditativeness but certainly the creativity. i have been knitting from patterns lately but that is not all that bad. you learn a lot of the tricks of the trade.
and i have changed from knitting the body of my brother's sweater to knitting sleeves. i like knitting sleeves. i like increasing for some odd reason.
and i will hopefully finish in a week at the most. and then it is onwards to knitting something from the green yarn or starting another hat production or just something for plain me.


katimae said...

This is a time for change for everyone, the whole world! I'm sure of that. Thank goodness that us knitters have something to do when the days aren't so bright.

Good luck on the job search!

becky c. said...

Our news broadcasts this morning were showing happy people jumping up and down all over the world. I guess I didn't realize how many other countries were watching so closely. I'm so glad we made the intelligent choice and I have high hopes that things will get better.
Not perfect, just better. After 8 years of worse and worse, better sounds good!

tiennie said...

I'm so excited about the way the election went. Very good news! I hope you have good news too on your job search.

whitknits said...

Thank you for your congratulations! I'm so hopeful that things can get better now.

I hope you have good luck with your job search, too!

Mary Lou said...

Thank you - I hope your change and out change and the world's change are all for the better. Last November I bought one of the SAD lights, and use it in the morning. I've just started again and it helps me. Also, since i have seen you like Leonard Cohen, i posted a youtube of democracy on my blog that a friend send to get me thru election day. I'm still singing it.