Monday, November 3, 2008

the long and winding road

it is not easy to keep one's strictly knitting blog up to date when one is a very monogamous knitter and when all the pictures one take end up slightly blurred due to the nordic light which is missing so much at the time being. it is november and the hardest month to get through in all the year. i am afraid i never used to worry much about november but it definitely comes with age.

and the knitting is almost as dreary as the month.. not that i don't get anything done. but little rivers aka the long and winding road is a major task. there is cabling on every row and a 180 stitches on every row. i calculated that the back and the front alone is more than 70000 stitches. i wonder how i have time for such calculations when there is knitting to do. thankfully i have now started the sleeves which means the sweater will be finished pretty soon. it is the smallest part of the sweater and i really don't mind knitting sleeves.

it will be nice to knit something else. maybe a sweater for me who has taken a liking in handknit sweaters because of st. brigid that i seem to be wearing all the time. so lovely warm and comfortable.

i think maybe i will have to start knitting some colourwork soon and hence i bought alice starmore's: charts for colourknitting from a fellow raveller. it is a great book. i love the little elk motif which i would like to use for an alba cardi. just a very classic norwegian lice kind of thingy.

i wish all americans a good election day tomorrow. it is nerve wrecking and oh so interesting what will happen since it concerns all of use in the global village. my friend has named his bird obama. i know what he would vote if he could.


tiennie said...

I'm so excited for tomorrow's election! Can't wait for it all to be over and done with and see a change! We sent in our ballots a week ago so my vote is already done.

becky c. said...

I'll be there bright and early to cast my vote and then I'll be a nervous wreck until the results are announced. I still have post-election stress disorder from 2000 and 2004.

Anonymous said...

Have you read Sheila McGregor's "Traditional Scandanavian Knitting"? I just bought a copy and wonder how authentic it is. I have her Fair Isle book and use it for patterns. Those tams pictured in your sidebar are delicious.
Ron in Mexico

Shan said...

Little Rivers sounds arduous. I have made some complicated knits in the last while and I just took a break to knit myself a simple shrug with heavy worsted yarn and 5mm was lovely. 3X3 rib all the way and almost NO thinking!