Thursday, March 1, 2007

needles and pins

oh yes needles and pins. during this winter i have purchased a lot of beautiful susanne knitting needles. and i have had so much agony. the break and they just don't work. the knitting isn't smooth. they stink. i am sorry to say. and i could probably go to my different lys's and return them. but who can keep track on where the exact needle was purchased?????
so tonight i ended up without knitting and soon it will be beddy, beddy byes.
but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully the needles i ordered over the internet (addi turbos) will arrive and all shall be well. has anyone else had trouble with the lovely ivory needles????


Sean said...

Ohhh...I love Suzanne's ebony needles. You meant ebony not ivory don't you? Although at the shop, I have taken a few pair back, but none of mine have broken...but each to their own.

Ankie Bosman said...

Two years ago i bought those needles when i was on holiday in Copenhagen. When i packed my bag to go home the first one broke. I had no time to go back to the store (Sommerfuglen i think) and was very unhappy!

I adore your fair isle sweaters and other knits. Your knitting speed is incredible. I have a little boy, as little as Alba, and i wish i had an aunt like you!

Kent said...

I love ebony suzanne's needles!

I can say though that my smallest dpns did break? They were the size 1 dpns for gloves (the really short ones).

I think I was knitting to tightly on those little sticks and that's all it took.


My size 4 dpns and my 10.5 circulars have held up amazingly, and just get better with age :)