Friday, March 9, 2007


it is fairly new to me with a knitting blog and does one post when one has nothing to show??? i think i have to. i like to have a knitting blog and i love the comments from knitters in all kinds of places of the world. i love the inspiration and the possibility to see 'normal people' wear their knittings so i can see if a particular pattern actually works. i liked to see the bsj that franklin did for the dulaan, the bsj that sean did in noro silk garden that was the direct inspiration for the so-called jimi hendrix jacket for alba, and i don't think i would ever have knit a seamless hybrid without the inspiration from jared at brooklyn tweed. it is certainly inspiring to be a knitter with internet access or is the correct words interknit access as this is what it is???? so thank you guys.
i love the online yarn shops where i can get things that is not possible to get here in denmark. and i do treat myself. long ago i decided that it is my right when i don't have husband and children to treat myself.. and right now i am waiting for knitting around and the opinionated knitter to arrive. i adore elizabeth's writings that makes you feel like you actually know her. and few patterns have been so inspiring to do.
i have to dash. going to a job interview.

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