Thursday, March 22, 2007

a new sweater soon to be exposed

for the last week i have been knitting another seamless hybrid. and it may not be the last. it is a classic sweater for a man. and i have way more male friends than female so maybe there are a few more to treat. the one i have been knitting and the damn thing took exactly 6 days is for my nephew. it is a substitute for the 'beau' sweater i knitted for him about 2 years ago and which has been much used. on the photos we are in ireland where we went to listen to some music the year before last. we saw al green, nick cave, van morrison, amos lee and the old beatnik ritchie havens. the whole thing took place because we both are devoted fans of nick cave and will stretch very far to get to see the man. i would even tempt him to come here by knitting him a sweater. alas i don't believe he is much of a sweater man.

more pictures tomorrow or the day after.

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