Sunday, June 1, 2008

na craga

i have started na craga and the fish trap cardi is spending some time with my friend who is sewing the zipper in. i cannot wait to give it to my nephew with the long arms and i hope that this one will fit.

and last week i couldn't help myself buying aran knitting by alice starmore on ebay. i had it sent from lithuania. and the book is wonderful filled with history and technique. it is too bad that there is copyright issues so it cannot be republished since i think it is a must in any knitter's library. she analyses knitting in a way that only literature is usually analysed. and she also tells you to be a thinking knitter in the same way as elizabeth and meg. she calls it: LOOK-THINK-KNIT and the more i knit, the more i subscribe to this view upon knitting and i see that so many people succeed in getting their inner designer out these days through knitting and maybe because there are so many brilliant books on designing knitwear on the market.

so i am knitting na craga. it is great fun with something going on all the time and the cables are beautiful and prominent. i hope cascade 220 will not pill awfully.


Shan said...

I'm GREEN with envy that you bought "Aran Knitting"...I can't face the $450 it would take to own it.

Na Craga is one I've always wanted to knit...I'm looking forward to your updates!

tiennie said...

I love that book. Na Craga is amazing! I want to get to that point in knitting. I'm still thinking a lot while knitting.