Sunday, June 10, 2007

knitting in public

well yesterday was the official day, but i don't know anyone to participate with as all the people i know love things i knit for them but don't love to knit themselves. and i do find the whole concept so funny (pecualiar). like a day for knitters to get out of the closet. like there would be something offending with knitting in public. i often knit on the bus, or in the park in the summertime. it is nice to walk to the park for the purpose of getting some knitting done. but when i read international blogs i envy those who knit in central park with a lot of much more eloquent knitters than i could ever find here, i tell myself in my wisdom ( and i am sure it is very untrue).

well i did even knit in public yesterday. and what happened? there was a big speedway competition going on at the stadium close to where i live so i was approached by several tipsy swedish speedway fans who just wanted to know if i could knit something for them since i knit at such amazing speed according to them. and they should know. well one even asked for a mössa which i found quite cute due to my penchant for everything elizabeth zimmermann.

and there has been knitting going on here. the second fair isle is finished and i am much more satisfied with the way the colours mix and match than i had expected. it is a boring knit except for the hems and the yoke and the calculation but it is also fast even when you work on smallish needles. total knitting time is about 2 weeks.

and i have started a new tomten for my little tomte. the colour is not very babyish but we don't like babyish colours much... for tomtens as least.

and there has been shopping. i have bought a few new books. alice starmore's book about men's sweaters from the scottish isles. some of the sweaters are completely from a time long gone (i.e. the fit) but there are some very good ideas to get for patterns. i definitely must cave in and buy barbara walker. it is ridiculous that i spend so much money on much less interesting books instead of paying that damn tax that may and may not be put on top of the price.

watch me.
oh yes and then 20 skeins of yorkshire tweed chunky. my niece has been begging me for an adult tomten. i was persuaded to do it because she said it was her 30th birthday which she also said when she asked for the fair isle. but it actually was last year. but who cares about numbers. as long as she doesn't turn 29 for a freaking amount of years.....


tiennie said...

That is looking fantastic!

I didn't go out and KIP either - it was pouring here and I figure, "Hey, I always KIP!"

Peggy said...

I didn't KIP either. Also with the pouring rain issue....

I love the bobbled green tomten! It's going to be very very cute.

sarah shepherd said...

Strange ... I was reading your post about knitting in public. Thinking how the week before I was knitting in Kutna Hora train station, just out of Prague ... and a Scottish man commented ... he was really amused that I was a 30 something and knitting ... he ended up chatting with my group for the rest of the train ride back to Prague.

But what was strange was that I was reading how there aren't other knitters around ... now, although I wouldn't call myself an eloquent knitter ... I stayed the night in Copenhagen last night visiting a friend on my way back from a weekend in Stockholm. If only I'd known! I would have met up for a knitting session in some fabulous Copenhagen park! Next time!

teeweewonders said...

Well I knit in public the other day, and we had a great time. :)

I will be watching this spot for the adult tomten. I so want to make one for myself!

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