Saturday, June 2, 2007


i am not the kind of blogger i like myself. i like bloggers who blog at least twice a week. but it ain't me. but today i received new wool in the mail. actually it is old wool since it is rowanspun aran and dk which has been discontinued for a long time. personally i find it a great mistake of rowan. both wools are so lovely to work with.

the green aran is in the colourway hardy and it is funky and spunky. the grey is dk and the colourway mist.
today i have swatched for a tomten with bobbles and i-cord. i tried out 3 sizes of bobbles which i suppose will all be included in the final garment. i tried two kinds of button-holes i.e. the loop i-cord button-hole and the hidden button-hole. i think the latter will be my choice. the sweater is for alba who has two already which she will have grown out of by winter. this will make her look maybe more like an irish leprechaurn than a tomte or a nisse as we say in danish. and that is not a bad thing in my book.
so eager as i am to start this modified tomten i better get back to tackling her grandmother's fair isle that i am sooooo much looking forward to finish.....

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Rani said...

It's a small small world - I just saw your entry on Zimmermania. I love the color! Especially the first picture.