Wednesday, June 13, 2007

a visit to the lys

well i couldn't help myself could i? the owner of a whole cupboard full of wool. i had to pass my lys today and before i knew i started commenting and giving advice to all the knitters there. am i awful..... right now, after years of education my only wish is to have my own wool shop. well maybe with a music department as well. i go to three kinds of shops. clothes shops, music shops and wool shops. in the first kind there are a lot of women and some men who look really tired. boyfriends and spouses of women trying endless amounts of clothes and asking for opinions from men who really couldn't care any less, mostly.
in the second kind of shops there are almost only men beavering cds. and your occasioanal 19 year old pierced goth girl buying nick cave's nocturama. and me of course buying the same. and in the yarn shops there are only women and sometimes a male sales clerk for some reason. so if my dream came true it could be the ideal place for men and women to meet. singles that is. and maybe both would get a new hobby as a bonus..
reality is that is have to do more language testing tomorrow. it allows me to knit since i only have to watch that the students don't cheat. that is nice for me who would really like to start and finish the following garments in the nearest future:

adrian's bonnet
purly victorious' bonnet
meg's saddle shoulder aran (one for me and one for my 25 year old nephew who is desperate for one)
norah gaughan's tweedy cardi
an adult tomten
2-3 tomter for children

it is probably good that the summerholiday is getting nearer every day. i cannot wait.


Peggy said...

That's quite a knitting line-up!

It would be wonderful if you could open a music/knit shop. I'd go every day to hang out and knit and listen to good stuff.
Well, going to Denmark everyday... that might be a bit much. I should just take the kids and move there.
Ok, let's all just daydream together!

Here's to summer holidays of knitting!

kgirl said...

I think I'd like to come and work in your wool/music store!

Just how far is Denmark from Australia, hmmm?!