Monday, August 6, 2007

alba's birthday or one year of knitting, again!!!!

today is alba the little polar bear's first birthday. and for me it has been one year of seriously getting back to my old hobby, knitting. it all started when the happy mother to be asked me why
i never was creative any longer. i couldn't live with that ;-) and hence i started knitting again. and ever since it has been more than three projects as an average per month. and this hobby of mine has certainly lead me many places. i am very happy about all my new virtual knitting buddies here and at zimmermania and newly at ravelry
i am impressed with all the creativity that is out there and skills. it is great that some many good women and men continue to knit as it is something special, in my opinion. and due to the many requests i get for knitting a little something, say, a fair isle sweater, many people agree.
it has been the year i discovered elizabeth zimmermann and that has certainly broadened my view upon knitting. i love her ideas and her wit.
to celebrate my year of knitting i got myself a few 'little somethings'. one is this book , that i hope i will cherish very much. the other is 3 skeins of yarn plus colourcards from leanne. i cannot begin to say how nice it was doing business with leanne. i almost felt i was in montana because of a few evocative emails she sent me. i contemplate buying some of her yarn for a sweater eventually. hopefully i will start my saddle shoulder aran this week. and the plan is to knit one for my nephew as well.
as well as i am not buying local and i am really sorry but there is hardly any new things to buy in my opinion. in other knitters opinion there is though. stephanie is knitting a kauni cardi by danish designer ruth sørensen and that has caused a lot of discussion at various blogs of where to get the yarn for this. i'd suggest to link here. this is maybe my favourite danish virtual lys. it is not very pricey and they have a good variety of yarn. the websites translates to english and we all know english here, anyway. so don't hesitate to shop. (no i don't get any profit).
i hope this is the start of a new year of happy knitting. i wonder where it will take me.


MoMo said...

Give Alba a birthday hug from me! She looks so adorable and happy! And congratulations to you on your year of rediscovering the joys of knitting creativity.
As EZ would say, "Knit on!"

tiennie said...

What sweet sweet pics! Have many more fabulous years of knitting!