Friday, August 10, 2007

a knitter's abc

this is buster a prizewinning sheep that i know nothing more about than it is the breed gotlandsfår and lives in sweden and won the prize because of the ewe.

this is hønsestrik. knitting tradition invented by the danish feminist movement in the 70es and still a curse word when speaking about knitting here. well kirsten hofstätter actually had her books published by penguin. not so bad.

on monday i am in the game of teaching children again. i am going to teach english, art, history and religious studies. it is a weird and scary feeling after years of teaching adults danish as a second language. i hope all shall be well..... argh. but in a way it can be nice since children are curious learners where adults only want to learn what is useful for them.. i guess this is the reason for i have taught mig self jogless stripes and provisional cast on and so on. i really needed it.

and this this is my fiftieth post i will post a knitter's alphabet.

A: a is for ALBA and ALBERT who turned my head to knitting again.

B: B is for BEAVERSLIDE from whom i just received lovely yarn and colourcards (and B is definitely for Brooklyntweed as well. a lovely source for inspiration and for bloggers)

C: is for cast on and hopefully for cast off.

D: is for durable yarn.

E: is for Elizabeth

F: friendship among knitters worldwide. i love it.

G: is for garter that is much more interesting than i thought.

H: is for knit up HEM. beautiful feature.

I: is for interweave knit.

J: is for jogless stripes. truely amazing.

K: is for kitchener. such a beautiful finishing technique.

L: is for lice patterns.

M: is for Meg and for me and for MORE knitting.

N: needles of which i only accept ADDI,

O:order yarn online and order in your stash.

P: is for purl. not as bad as it's reputation.

Q: questions (answer the question in the former post, please)

R: rowan. lovely yarn. esp. rowanspun. how could they discontinue it???

S: sheep. merino, bluefaced leicester, rambouillet. just imagine a year ago i didn't know one breed of sheep. now i am going for jeopardy.

T: tweed. i love tweed yarns.

U: uld. danish word for wool.

V: verse. like the kitchener verse. purl, knit. knit. purl......

X: is for x-large stash.

Y: is for yarn. what else?

and Z is for??????? oh yeah zimmermann of course.


tiennie said...

Great list!

Peggy said...

If I made a knitting alphabet it would probably look quite similar! Great list!

Lydia said...

Thanks for your totally wonderful comments on my heart hat! Came over here to have a look and I remember that sweater (now being mended) from when you posted it on Zimmermania. I looove that sweater. Such a pretty green yoke brightening up the camel neutral look that is so timeless and sophisticated. I can see Holly GoLightly gadding about town in big sunglasses and this sweater on a Saturday.

That sheep has a lot of personality, btw. It's a nice portrait.

-- Lydia