Sunday, August 26, 2007

and the winner is....

changing job is much more of an ordeal than i had expected. but it is good. and my new colleagues are lovely to say the least. but it means that i have not been a very active blogger. and i did not find a winner of the contest on friday as promised. i am sorry.
i wrote down a list with numbers and names of you all and called my nephew and asked him to say a number between 1 and 34. he picked number one which means that peggy is the lucky winner of the book. i hope she will enjoy and know that she will use the book in an innovative way. peggy is an impressive knitter and a newbie to knitting. a very impressive newbie.
i have really enjoyed to read all your answers to the questions. very inspiring. so thank you.


Peggy said...

Thanks very much!
Sorry the new job is so tiring, but I hope it's a good kind of tired. And I hope we'll see you on here a bit more once you've settled in.

filambulle said...

Congratulations Peggy!
It takes time to get in the rythm of a new job. Keep breething. Lovely colleagues? That is the best think you could wish for: working with nice people is so important.
Have fun, Blog whenever you can. I will be here to read. I wish too that I was able to blog more too.