Tuesday, August 7, 2007

motley and grey

i have a little motley collection of pictures today (i have fallen in love with the word). well the birthday cake from yesterday certainly is motley don't you think??? it even made a couple of 3-4 years old crash alba's party. not only did they want candy for themselves but also for a few friends who i suppose must have been imaginary since i never saw the shadow of them. and the cake was yummy and the birthday girl enjoyed the party and the green tomten and a thousand other gifts enormously.
the next picture is of my purple readers. i am afraid they are my destiny. or i'll need to get very very long arms. i was knitting on the green/brown sweater today. and i made mistakes. without noticing before long after they were made. and i was even focused on not doing so. i am happy i don't feel as old inside and that my best friends also wear cheap brightly coloured readers and nests of grey frizzy hair on top of their heads, that helps the readers not to slip of one's head, as well.
and even my mentor, elizabeth, has a chapter on the subject in the opinionated knitter. charming.
and i will really need them for the next few days. the sweater i am knitting is nearing the end. and that is lovely. i am bored with the yarn now. i love it but need to move on.
the fair isle needs mending. a strand was cut in some mysterious way. and now i need to mend it. my heart sank when i heard. but as i say: kitchener on with hope and confidence through all crises.
and the last is of course the swatch for the saddle-shouldered aran in which jared looks so wonderful. i am knitting it for myself and now i am getting a little bit concerned whether it will just make me look retro in a not so becoming way. i will knit it and if it is disaster i will pass it on to somebody who doesn't have the curse of a nest of grey hair (roving?) on top of her head. my niece, the fair isle molester, for instance.


tiennie said...

Jared's sweater is fantastic and I'm sure yours will be too!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy on the green stranded sweater! It looks lovely.

Oh dear for the mysterious strand cutting!! did you need to put a new strand in? or were you able to splice the ends together?