Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a little knitting

i am not completely away from knitting. i have knit a zimmermann very fast cap for the opinionated plus adrians we call them pirates cap. the latter is for my venezuelan friend who claims to be of pirate descent and who ended up down the road from here when he was a young sailor. he likes this motif i have noticed and always wears some kind of headgear on top of the dreadlocks. he may like this. hopefully there won't be a cap curse (like the sweater curse).
and i have bought priscilla gibson's knitting in the old way. lovely book. i enjoy reading in it.
and work is hard. omg i never knew children could make so much noise. it is against their nature to sit down on their behind. i wonder if i was like that. well i still find it a bit difficult to sit for a long time..


tiennie said...

Great hat! Hope the new job is treating you well.

filambulle said...

This hat is soooo fun to knit and wear! I love it too, and my middle son has been wearing it with proud and panache all last winter. I know that he will be happy to wear it again the next cold season.
I like your smile. And your beautiful eyes. It is nice to see a portrait of you. :)
I hope that you will settle comfortably in your new job soon. Yes, they are noisy those little beings. With three young children at home, I appreciate the silence in my dayjob all the more (I am a librarian).

Anonymous said...

Love the hats!
Sorry the children are so wild- at least they're being kids!

wendy said...

I bet soon you won't notice the noise you'll notice the silence.lol.

I don't think hats work the same as sweaters.