Sunday, September 16, 2007

another pirate cap

i made the tough pirates cap for my sailor friend. it suits him well but i also wanted to make one for alba who is just a little girl. so i mixed adrian's chart with elizabeth's fast cap and some ideas from charlene schurch's book hat's on. i am quite pleased with the result. i think it is a cute version of the pirates theme. in my school all the children are very focused on pirates. i am not sure what to think about it, still. i have mixed feelings. when is it possible to be an innocent child these days, i sometimes wonder???

my barbara walker books arrived. i am not sure what to think about them either. there is a lot of suggestions for 2 colour mosaic knitting and that fascinates me a lot. i haven't tried that technique yet and i think it is pretty.

right now it seems that hats are all i can muster but i will get back to sweater knitting again. i do like creating hats though. it is a nice little personal gift for people you like. and when you are tired it is a great thing to knit and an opportunity to try out new techniques which i find very important.


tiennie said...

This is a cool hat. I think I want to start knitting hats again for the cooler weather that we're getting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Merete!
I got the book and yarn on Saturday. Thank you so much! the yarn is lovely, I've never seen or felt anything so soft and pettable.
And when I feel like colorwork again the book will be a great resource. Thank you so much!

I'm sending your package today!